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Huntington Real Estate

Huntington Real Estate offers property owners exceptional residential asset and property management services. The keys to maximizing value in any rental or condominium property include:

  • Understanding the property owner’s goals and priorities
  • Detailed management planning at all stages of development
  • Identifying, attracting and retaining the right target demographic
  • Enhancing the resident experience in every way
  • Maintaining the property at the highest level

Our Management Teams

Huntington Real Estate manages hundreds of residential units within the greater Boston area. We provide a team of highly experienced professionals, with the experience and expertise to meet any challenge. Our management teams focus on:

  • Strategies which meet the unique requirements of each property
  • Efficient time management systems to maximize effectiveness
  • Interpersonal and communications skills to facilitate relations with residents and meet expectations of property owners

How We Deliver Value

Huntington Real Estate understands where the needs of property owners and the needs of residents intersect. 

Owners want to know that the management team is helping to grow and maintain the value of their assets. Residents want to feel that the management team is working to enhance and protect the quality of life in the place where they live.

We understand that these goals are the same. Well-run and well-maintained properties attract and retain quality residents. And quality residents offer the highest return for property owners.

About Huntington Real Estate

Huntington Real Estate is part of the Patel portfolio of companies, which includes Huntington Development and Patel Construction.

Each of these real estate related businesses lends a dimension of experience and pool of resources to the other enterprises in the portfolio, making all of the companies stronger and more nimble when addressing the diverse needs of our clients.

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